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Mobilize Your Body
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Neuro-anatomical and Neurological terms Latter B

Baroreceptor weight receiver sensory N fibre which responds to pressure changes as in the carotid canal
Basal ganglia incorrect term for cluster of Ns buried in the WM of thebrain and involved in movement includes: CAUDATE NUCLEUS + PUTAMEN + GLOBUS PALLIDUS + SUBSTANTIA NIGRA
Basilar relating to the base or bottom of structures
Basiocranium bones of the base of the skull
Basis pedunculi (see crus cerebri)
Bipolar neurons with 1 dendrite + 1 axon (see unipolar, multipolar)
Blood brain barrier = BBB the barrier protecting the brain from certain substances found in the BS
Brachium arm - large bundle of N fibres joining one region to another
Bradykinesia abnormally slow movements
Brainstem MO + Pons + Midbrain
Broca’s area central region of the L frontal lobe of the CC - involved in the production of speech: - word perception, production, sound and memory
Brodmann’s areas areas of the CC which have been designated by their histology – cytoarchetecture - and later analysed and found to have specific functions (after Korbinian
Brodmann 1909)
Bulb old term for MO / in the corticobulbar tract refers to the that part of the brain stem containing the motor nuclei of the CNs

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